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Knowledge of iron alloy smelting silicocalcium introduction

Date:2016-05-01   Click:344

Iron alloy is a broad category of our industry, our industrial development has brought great convenience, in ferroalloy industry, we have many products, play a great role for development of our iron alloy industry, silicon calcium alloy is the a kind of product, the for the smelting knowledge how much do you know about it? Below we professional manufacturer for smelting iron alloy of all knowledge of silicocalcium.

Calcium is a good deoxidizer and desulfurizer, mainly used for deoxidation. Casi is two yuan and a calcium silicon alloy containing iron of the few. With the development of continuous casting furnace and ladle refining, the consumption of calcium alloy increased rapidly. One step and two step two methods for producing silicon calcium alloy. One step is in a furnace, carbon reduction of silica and lime production silicon calcium alloy; second step is first in a furnace produce calcium carbide (or high carbon ferrosilicon) and then with calcium carbide with silica and coke (or high carbon ferrosilicon with lime) in the other electric furnace to produce silicon calcium alloy. One step method is divided into the mixed feeding method and the stratified charge method. Mixed charging method is silica, lime and coke join in reduction furnace. At the same time reducing to CaO and SiO2 with carbon silicon calcium alloy. The aim was to reduce the contact of calcium oxide and silica to reduce the formation of Cao-SiO2. Layered charging method is the first lime and coke (amount of press reaction to the generation of calcium carbide) in the vicinity of the electrode, the molten let Cao as far as possible the formation of CaC2 and silica and the remaining carbon mixed after into the furnace to produce silicon calcium alloy. Two step two, a is first lime and coke in a furnace to produce lime and calcium carbide and calcium carbide crushing and coke and silica together in other electric furnace to produce silicon calcium alloy, another is first in a furnace produce high silicon ferrosilicon, and then use high silicon iron as reducing agent in the electric furnace reduction of calcium oxide and silicon calcium alloy.

Iron alloy has a lot of products, we in peacetime use only we a lot of summary their knowledge related to bring some help for our products in use, above is our manufacturer for everybody analysis on silicocalcium smelting knowledge summary, calcium silicon alloy more knowledge please in future life in a lot of attention to our website.