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Methods and advantages of using slag remover

Date:2016-05-03   Click:308

1, in addition to slag and slag slag: high efficient slag removal agent can be used in ladle, tundish, electric furnace. With artificial or spray evenly spreading on the melt surface, a little stir quickly gather into metal solution and easy separation of the slag shell, grilled slag shell can be obtained pure solution, avoid casting slag, improve quality. And do not burst, non stick package, not hanging wall. For slag, slag before casting ladle or from the mouth of the added slag conglomeration agent, forming a strip floating dam stick and block scattered slag, eliminating the need for manual slag to reduce labor intensity, improve the production efficiency.        

2, thermal insulation cover: high efficiency slag removal agent low thermal conductivity, the metal melt surface to form a good thermal insulation layer can reduce the heat loss of the solution. This is a kind of excellent insulating covering agent for metal solution need long time parking or subcontracting.        

3, environmental protection: high efficiency slag removing agent for metal melt without pollution, without infiltration, does not affect the chemical composition and mechanical properties of castings. No smoke, no dust and harmful gas pollution, can purify the environment, civilized production.  

4, dosage: slag high-efficiency agent general amount for 1 ~ 3kg/T metal solution, specific according to melt area size, high and low temperature, melting metal impurity content of discretion to increase or decrease.