Annual design of various types of shaped series of brick 20000 tons, 280000 nozzle series
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The effect and characteristics of compound slag remover

Date:2016-05-03   Click:307

Is mainly used for aggregation aqueous iron on the surface of the melt, which is easy to remove, to ensure the purity of molten iron solution, as high-quality thermal insulation covering agent and slag blocking material, with thicker insulation layer and excellent slag blocking performance, also can be effectively isolated from the air to prevent molten iron solution the second oxidation.  

Slag removing agent does not burst, spreading fast and uniform, strong ability of slag. The method can effectively prevent the casting slag from defects, improve the inner quality of the casting, improve the rate of the finished product, reduce the production cost; the use method is simple, the labor intensity of the workers is improved, and the production efficiency is improved.