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What is fireclay?

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What is fireclay? For what? Fireclay, also known as fireclay or joint material (powder). Used as joint material for refractory masonry. According to the material, it can be divided into clay, high alumina, siliceous and magnesia refractory mud.   

It is composed of refractory powder, binder and admixture. Almost all refractory materials can be made into powder used for preparing refractory mud. The ordinary refractory mud, which is made of refractory clinker powder and proper amount of plastic clay as binder and plasticizer, has low strength at room temperature, and has high strength only when ceramic bond is formed at high temperature.

The chemical bonded refractory mud, which uses hydraulic, pneumatic or thermal binding materials as binder, will produce certain chemical reaction and harden before it is lower than the bonding temperature of ceramic. The particle size of fireclay varies according to the use requirements, and its limit particle size is generally less than 1 mm, some less than 0.5 mm or finer. The material of refractory slurry should be consistent with that of refractory products of masonry. In addition to being used as joint material, fireclay can also be used as protective coating for lining by coating or spraying.   

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