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What is slag collecting agent and what is it used for?

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Slag collector, I don't know whether you know it or not, no matter whether you know it or not, the slag collector manufacturer dingyang metallurgy Refractory materials will make a detailed explanation of the slag collector for you!

Slag collector

Slag collector is an ideal product for cast steel. It is used for slag collection in the insulation box of molten metal just discharged from the furnace. The slag collector can release a large amount of heat and form an excellent insulation layer after reaction, which can effectively prevent the release of various alloy elements in the liquid metal, improve the utilization rate of alloy, and have good slag collection, desulfurization and deoxidation functions. This product can eliminate the blowhole, slag inclusion and crack of casting, and provide effective measures for casting quality, especially for ball grinding tools. This product is dust-free, non-toxic, tasteless, and its operation is extremely simple.

Application of slag collector:

It is mainly used for cast steel, ball milling and ordinary cast iron.

Usage and dosage of slag collector:

After the metal liquid just out of the furnace flows into the ladle, peel off the surface slag, and immediately sprinkle the product evenly onto the surface of the metal fluid with a shovel or special tool. After forming, do not damage the surface of the forming layer, so as to achieve the best effect of heat preservation. The dosage is 0.2-0.3% of the weight of the metal fluid. The product has strong slag collecting capacity and no slag striking. It is an ideal application product for all kinds of castings. The suitable temperature of slag collector is 1320 ℃ - 1450 ℃

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