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Is there a difference between refractory mud and refractory cement? A word difference, a world of difference!

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Many people are confused about whether to use fireclay or refractory cement in building firebrick. Masonry firebrick has special joint material or bonding material, which is fireclay.

A kind of binder will be used in the furnace masonry of refractory brick, and this binder is called refractory mud or joint material (after mixing with water, it is called refractory slurry). It is the main auxiliary material of refractory brick masonry, and it is also the joint filler of refractory brick and refractory brick. It can bond the furnace body firmly at the initial stage of masonry. Refractory mud shall be selected according to the refractory brick material used for masonry, and shall not be mixed. According to the material, refractory mud can be divided into clay, high alumina, siliceous, magnesia, carbonaceous, corundum, mullite and other finished binders. For example, high alumina refractory mud is used for high alumina brick, magnesia refractory mud is sampled for masonry magnesia brick, and siliceous refractory mud is used for masonry silica brick.


The supply mode of refractory mud is dry powder. When it is used, liquid gelling agent is added to mix and mix evenly to form moderate viscous mud. This kind of mud is collectively referred to as high-temperature refractory mud, high-temperature refractory mud or high-temperature binder. According to the combination mode of liquid gelling agent, it can be divided into water glass combined refractory mud, phosphoric acid combined refractory mud, aluminum phosphate combined refractory mud, etc.

Refractory mud is composed of refractory powder and additives. Almost all refractory materials can be made into powder used for preparing refractory mud. The ordinary refractory mud, which is made of refractory clinker powder and proper amount of binder, has low strength at room temperature, and has high strength only when ceramic bonding is formed at high temperature. The chemical bonded refractory mud, which takes the air hardening or thermal hard binding material as the binder, will produce a certain chemical reaction and harden before it is lower than the bonding temperature of the ceramic. The particle size of refractory mud varies according to the use requirements, and its limit particle size is generally less than 1 mm, some less than 0.5 mm or finer. The material of refractory slurry should be consistent with that of refractory products of masonry. In addition to being used as joint material, fireclay can also be used as protective coating for lining by coating or spraying.

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