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Is refractory mud the same as refractory mud?

Date:2020-03-28   Click:498

Refractory mud is a kind of refractory product mainly produced and supplied by dingyang metallurgy. In the course of operation for so many years, people often ask us whether refractory mud and refractory mud are one kind of products? Is there any difference? Today, refractory mud manufacturers will give you a detailed introduction about refractory mud and refractory mud!


Refractory mud is an amorphous refractory composed of powdery materials and binders. It is mainly used as the joint and coating material of masonry refractory brick.

The basic requirements of refractory mud are general. Add water or water solution or tar into fire resistant mud to prepare slurry. The refractory slurry must have good fluidity and plasticity to facilitate construction; after construction and hardening, it should have necessary bonding property to ensure that it is integrated with masonry or base to resist external force, gas and slag erosion; it has the same or equivalent chemical composition as masonry or base material, so as to avoid hazardous chemical reaction between different materials It should be eroded first from the refractory mud layer; it should have linear expansibility similar to the masonry or base material, so as to avoid separation from each other and cause rupture of the refractory mud layer; the volume should be stable to ensure the integrity and tightness of the masonry and protective layer.

It can be seen that the difference between refractory mud and refractory mud is that refractory mud can be prepared by adding water or aqueous solution or tar.

The important role of refractory mud

When refractory mud is used as joint material, its quality has a considerable impact on the quality of masonry. It can adjust the size error and irregular shape of brick to make the masonry neat and load balanced, and make the masonry form a strong and tight whole to resist the damage of external force and prevent the invasion of gas and molten liquid. When the refractory mud is used as coating, it can improve the high temperature performance of the brick body such as slag resistance, and help to extend the service life of the furnace body. It is applied to the inner surface of the brick body at normal temperature and sintered with the brick body in the process of high temperature use.

Well, through the above analysis, do you know more about refractory mud and refractory mud? If you want to know more about refractory mud, please visit our website:

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