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Use of slag collector to understand!

Date:2020-04-29   Click:560

What is the use of slag collector? We will learn about this problem in the following content!

In the use of cast steel, the viscosity of molten steel is high, but it is thinner, and the fluidity of slag layer is stronger than that of hot metal slag. The viscous expansion formed by slag collector at high temperature can effectively increase the consistency of molten steel dross, reduce the fluidity of molten steel slag, and agglomerate large slag blocks to facilitate slag removal and prevent dross from entering the mold cavity with pouring.

Slag collector

The slag collecting agent produced by dingyang metallurgical Co., Ltd. can spread out rapidly, evenly, without contamination and dust, which can effectively prevent workers from suffering from silicosis. It has no effect on the chemical composition and mechanical properties of the casting. It is a new process and technology to solve the problem of poor quality of casting, low utilization rate of molten metal and high energy consumption. Moreover, it has strong slag accumulation ability, and is an ideal hot metal purification agent. Before the molten iron is discharged from the furnace, appropriate amount of this product shall be sprinkled on the surface of molten iron. The amount of the product shall be subject to the formation of a complete expanded slag layer with a certain thickness on the metal surface. The slag layer shall be removed with a steel drill rod to achieve the purpose of removing the molten iron surface slag. This operation can be repeated until there is no slag on the metal surface. After the ladle is filled with molten iron, sprinkle a proper amount of the product on the surface of the molten iron quickly. The appropriate amount of the product is to form a complete expanded slag layer with a certain thickness on the surface of the molten iron. Remove the slag layer with a slag raking rake or a steel drill rod.

After feeding, appropriate amount of slag collector shall be evenly sprinkled before the molten metal is discharged from the furnace. After the molten metal is poured into the ladle, a layer can be evenly added to cover the surface of molten metal to prevent thermal radiation, reduce heat loss, and prevent slag inclusion in molten metal from entering the mold cavity. When scraping slag, the product will expand rapidly when contacting with liquid metal to form an insulating layer, which makes the temperature of the upper slag remover low and the reaction is not sufficient. Please use appropriate slag removing tools to slightly stir the slag layer to make the product fully contact with the slag layer to achieve better slag accumulation effect.

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