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Main uses and characteristics of slag collector!

Date:2020-06-16   Click:494

The slag collecting agent produced by dingyang metallurgy has been used in the production of centrifugal cast pipe. The protective pouring can keep the temperature of molten iron in the ladle, reduce the thermal radiation, absorb the non-metallic inclusions and oxides on the surface of molten iron, isolate the air and prevent secondary oxidation. It is the necessary means to obtain pure molten iron, improve the one-time water pressure qualification rate of cast pipe and produce high-quality cast pipe.

Dfc-300 slag collector has the advantages of small dust, no pollution to the environment and simple operation method. It can pick up the slag when the ladle is full of liquid surface, which greatly reduces the labor force of workers. Its main feature is that when the hot metal is heated up rapidly, the volume of slag collector expands, but it has a certain viscosity, which can stick the slag dissolving impurities on the surface of molten iron together and quickly play the role of slag collection.

Main chemical composition sio2al2o3k2o + na2omgo + caofe2o3 loss on ignition

The content (%) was 69-768-145-101-51-34-6

The main advantages of this product are as follows:

(1) The slag removal ability is strong, and the surface is melted into a whole body after collecting slag, and the composition is not scattered, so the workload is reduced.

(2) It has light specific gravity and high expansion coefficient.

(3) The service life of ladle and lining can be improved by not sticking to the ladle lining.

(4) The oxidation degree of alloy elements is reduced.

(5) Do not change the metal composition, do not pollute the liquid metal. Package: 25kg / bag, woven with plastic film lining.

Anyang dingyang metallurgical refractory materials Co., Ltd. produces and sells wholesale slag collecting agent and imported slag collecting agent