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The use of silicon?

Date:2016-05-01   Click:297

The use of ferrosilicon:

(1) in the steel making industry as a. In order to obtain a qualified chemical composition of steel and steel to ensure the quality, in the final stages of steelmaking must make deoxidation, chemical affinity between silicon and oxygen, and ferrosilicon is steelmaking strong deoxidizer for sedimentation and diffusion deoxidizer. Add a certain amount of silicon in steel can significantly improve the steel strength, hardness and elastic, so in the transformer and smelting steel structure (Hanbaoyufang silicon 0.40-1.75%), tool steel (including SiO.30-1.8%), spring steel (including SiO.40-2.8%) with silicon (silicon 2.81-4.8%), ferrosilicon is used as alloy agent. In addition, in the steel industry, the use of ferrosilicon powder burn at high temperatures can release a large amount of heat the characteristics of en, often as ingot heating agent cap is used to improve the quality of ingot and recovery rate.

(2) used in the cast iron industry as the inoculation and the. Cast iron is in modern industry an important metal materials, cheaper than steel, easy to melt refining, with excellent casting performance and ratio of steel is much better engage in earthquake ability, especially nodular cast iron, its mechanical properties reach or close to the mechanical properties of the steel. In cast iron added a certain amount of ferrosilicon can prevent the formation of iron carbide and promote the precipitation of graphite and the ball, so in the production of ductile iron, ferrosilicon is a kind of important inoculant (help graphite precipitation) and spheroidizing agent.

(3) used as a reducing agent in the production of iron alloy. Not only silicon and oxygen chemical affinity between the large and high carbon silicon ferrosilicon is very low. High silicon ferrosilicon (or silicon alloy) is the production of low carbon ferroalloy ferroalloy industry is more commonly used as a reducing agent.

(4) use in other areas. Ground or spray treated silicon powder, can be used as a suspended phase in the mineral processing industry. In the welding rod manufacturing industry can be used as the electrode coating. High silicon ferrosilicon in the chemical industry can be used in the manufacture of silicone products.

In these applications, steel industry, foundry industry and ferroalloy industry is the largest user of ferrosilicon. They consume about 90% of the ferrosilicon. In a variety of different grades of ferrosilicon, currently the most widely used is 75% ferrosilicon. In the steel industry, the production of 1t steel consumes about 3-5kg75% ferrosilicon. Ferrosilicon grade and chemical composition Chemical composition SiAlCaMnCrPSC Range is not greater than FeSi75AI1.0-b72.0-80.0110. FeSi75AI1.5-b72.0-80.01.510. Ferrosilicon is widely used in foundry industry and other industrial production, steel industry. Ferrosilicon is the steelmaking industry indispensable deoxidizer. JUGANG, ferrosilicon for sedimentation and diffusion deoxidation. Brick iron as alloy agent used in steelmaking. Adding a certain amount of silicon, can significantly improve the strength, hardness and elasticity of steel, improve the permeability of steel, reduce the hysteresis loss of the transformer steel. General steel containing silicon 0.15%-0.35%, structural steel containing silicon 0.40% to 1.75%, tool steel containing silicon 0.30% ~ 1.80% and spring steel containing silicon 0.40% ~ 2.80%, acid resistant stainless steel containing silicon 3.40% to 4.00%, heat-resistant steel containing silicon 1.00% to 3.00%, silicon steel containing 2% ~ 3% silicon or higher.

High silicon ferrosilicon or silicon alloy is used as a reducing agent in the production of low carbon iron alloy in ferroalloy industry. Ferrosilicon added cast ductile iron inoculant, and can prevent the formation of carbides and promote the precipitation of graphite and spheroidizing and improve performance of cast iron.

In addition, silicon iron powder in the mineral processing industry can be suspended phase of using, in the coating of electrode welding manufacturing; high silicon ferrosilicon in the electrical industry can be used for preparing pure semiconductor silicon, and can be used in the chemical industry in the manufacture of silicone. In steelmaking industry, each producing a ton of steel consumed about 3 ~ 5kg75% ferrosilicon.