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What are the application fields of slag collector?

Date:2020-01-20   Click:348

What are the application fields of slag collector?

In the last article, we made a simple analysis on what is the slag collector and what is its function. Next, we need to know about the application field of the slag collector. Next, we will analyze the slag collector manufacturer dingyang refractory materials for us

Slag collector may not be common in life, but it is quite useful in industry!

Slag collector

In the smelting process of some nonferrous metal alloys such as cast iron, cast steel and copper nickel base alloy, the high efficiency slag collector can adjust the refractory slag formed in the melting process and make it agglomerate into a viscous and plastic slag layer. Thus, the slag formed in the smelting process can be removed conveniently, completely and cleanly. To avoid slag inclusion in castings and reduce the reject rate of castings. It can improve the utilization rate of melted metal, improve the casting quality, reduce energy consumption, shorten the operation cycle and facilitate operation. After special processing, the perlite ore with a certain particle size is scattered on the steel (iron) water surface layer just out of the furnace, and the volume expands rapidly by 4-30 times? It has been used in foundry industry instead of straw ash or asbestos ash as hot metal covering material. It has opened up a new field of perlite application in foundry production.

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