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Features of silicon carbide!

Date:2020-05-26   Click:535

With the strengthening of modern environmental awareness, low-carbon life is also followed. In the solar energy industry, silicon carbide, as a material used in photovoltaic industry, is widely used. At present, the silicon carbide preparation technology has been mature, rich in resources, and the silicon carbide industry has a trend of cluster development. Silicon carbide is also widely used, and more and more new industries are being developed. What are the characteristics of silicon carbide?

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1. Energy saving

Silicon carbide has good thermal conductivity and thermal stability, which makes the productivity of industrial production reach about 30%. In particular, the discharge pipe of mine concentrator is used as heat exchanger, which can reduce fuel consumption by 20% and save fuel by 30%. Its wear resistance is six or seven times that of ordinary materials.

2. Smelting of nonferrous metals

Silicon carbide has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and impact resistance. As a heating material, it has high strength and good thermal conductivity. It can also be used as aluminum reduction cell, lining of copper melting furnace, thermocouple protection tube, etc.

3. Metallurgical mineral processing industry

The hardness of SiC is only inferior to that of diamond, and has strong wear resistance. It can be used as a good material for wear-resistant pipes, impellers, hydrocyclones, etc.

4. Building ceramics, grinding wheel industry

By using the thermal conductivity and high thermal strength of silicon carbide, the production cycle is shortened. The manufacturing of thin plate can not only reduce the capacity, but also improve the shaking volume and production quality. It is a good material for ceramic glaze.

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